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Ascension Island Accommodation
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Tourist Information Office Ascension Island

The Tourist Information Office and Souvenir Shop is co-located in the Obsidian Hotel Reception. We are here to provide friendly and helpful advice and support  visitors on Ascension Island.

Below you will find a useful guide to some of the facilities on Ascension Island that are available to prospective tourists.



The clubs provide most of the entertainment on Ascension Island. Purchases can be made by non-members using cash in all the Island Clubs.

Two Boats Club -Two Boats Village.

Located in Two Boats village, a fifteen minute drive from Georgetown, is Two Boats Club.


Two Boats Club - Ascension Island
There is a billiard/snooker/pool room, darts, gaming machines and skittle alley. Live music and a disco are regular events as are the "Mountain Grill" dinners. Lunches are available most days and evening meals can be arranged by prior arrangement for small and large groups. Two Boats Club Bar - Ascension Island
Saints Club - Georgetown.


The lively Saints Club has a pleasant interior displaying photos of Saint Helena and historical Ascension Island.

Enjoy yourself at the Saint's Club Bar!  Ascension Island
There are various gaming machines, darts, pool and snooker tables. Entertainment is available most weeks. Outside Saints Club - Ascension Island
Volcano Club Snack Bar, American Base
The Snack Bar sells a wide variety of American style fast food (T-bone steak, Burgers, Pizzas etc.) and is very popular.

Reflections Coffee Shop
Situated accross the road from the Post Office, Reflections is open most mornings/afternoons. Under a shaded patio, you can relax and enjoy a variety of cakes and savouries as well as hot and cold drinks and watch the slow pace of Ascension Island drift by.


Fishing is a very popular pastime on Ascension, both as a hobby and to supplement the diet and many people fish either from the shore or boats. The waters around the island host a wide variety of fish. Offshore can be found such species as Tuna, Wahoo, Marlin, Sailfish, Dorado and Shark; And Inshore can be found Grouper, Bullseye and Conger Eel. There are several skippered boats (with fishing gear included) available to hire at very reasonable rates.
Note: Fishing from the rocks around Ascension can be dangerous due to tidal surges, races and unpredictability of the sea-state. Before attempting ANY form of fishing on Ascension you would be best advised to seek the advice of an experienced fisherman.
Fishing on Ascension Island
Golf on Ascension Island 


Golf is a popular game on Ascension. The islanders' knowledge of the notorious One Boat course make them difficult opponents to beat. There are competitions most weekends which, for a small fee, visitors are usually most welcome to join.

One Boat Golf Club
The 18-hole golf course at One Boat (about half way between Georgetown and Two Boats Village) offers a unique environment to play golf. The "Greens" are called "browns" and are made of crushed compacted lava smoothed flat with diesel oil and around the edges of the fairways can be found large boulders of volcanic rock. This can make for a very "interesting" game. The cost of playing this usually expensive game is very cheap compared to prices in other parts of the world. After your round of golf, the 19th hole (the clubhouse) can provide you with a refreshing drink (alcoholic or soft) in a friendly atmosphere.
One Boat Golf Course Ascension Island
A "Brown" at One Boat Golf Course


English Bay Ascension Island
White sand and warm waters at English Bay
All the beaches on Ascension are of eye dazzling white sand but due to the unpredictable tides and sea states around Ascension, swimming in the sea is only advised at English Bay and Comfortless Cove and even then with caution.
The beaches, however, are never crowded, the weather's nearly always hot and sunny, the water is always warm and when sea conditions are right, the rental or purchase of a mask and snorkel is well rewarded by the sight of an abundance of tropical fish…………..Paradise! Kids swimming on Ascension Island
Some children at English Bay
Swimming Pools on Ascension Island
Two Boats Village Pool
Ascension Island has two swimming pools that are free to use and which are open to the public. Georgetown has a saltwater pool. Behind the Two Boats Club in Two Boats village can be found a larger fresh water pool.

Diving - Ascension Island Divers - A thriving SCUBA diving club.
A multi-denominational dive club, with members trained under many different organizations. However the club is BSAC (British Sub Aqua Club) affiliated. They have a dive shack and compressor house near English bay, but no dive equipment to hire beyond a few weights and cylinders. Training courses (BSAC) are occasionally undertaken when there is a Club Instructor willing to run one. However these are comparatively rare and generally only available to longer term residents, who will be in a position to put something back into the club.
The diving conditions are usually excellent with clear warm water and a wide variety of marine life. Sea conditions are particularly variable from November to May. Large swells can build up which make diving impossible. There are no rescue or hypabaric facilities on the island. Safety is paramount, with divers having to take full responsibilities for their actions. Conservative dive profiles, safety stops and voluntary depth limits make sense when the nearest recompression chamber is at least an 8 hour flight away. Diving is also undertaken by MOD divers, and American contractors on the US base.



Museum - Ascension Island Heritage Society
The photo gallery is in a new building beside Fort Hayes, Georgetown. The Museum and Gallery of Ascension Island's interesting and varied history is open Saturday mornings and Tuesday evenings.
Heritage Society Museum Ascension Island
The Heritage Society


Ascension Island offers an infinite variety of landscapes. From the dense and lush vegetation on Green Mountain to the spectacular volcanic landscapes found elsewhere on the island. There are many good walks on the island, some easy, some severe, often with very splendid views. Many of the walks are "letterbox walks" with rubber-stamps to validate your achievement on map books. These can be purchased at the Tourist Information Office. Some routes are hazardous and expert advice should be sought before attempting any of them and for safety reasons a minimum group of three is advised.

Beautiful Views on Ascension Island
Many of the walks on Ascension Island have fantastic views


There are two Gymnasiums. The Gym at the American Base and one at RAF Travellers Hill. Both are well equipped with cycling machines and a wide variety of weight lifting equipment. There is also a sauna at the American Gym.
There are two very good glass backed courts available at RAF Travellers Hill gymnasium.
There are Tennis Courts at Georgetown, The American Base, Travellers Hill and at Two Boats Village (Behind Two Boats Club) which are all free to use.


Ascension Island shops
The Ascension Island Shop - Georgetown
Solomon's Shop Georgetown
This is the main grocery shop on Ascension Island and is situated in the heart of Georgetown. The main groceries found in most supermarkets are usually available. But as this is a small island there can sometimes be shortages of certain items (especially fresh produce, which is flown in).
This shop also offers non-food items for sale i.e. toys, gifts, electrical goods, cards, stationary etc. There is also a substantial video library. Opening times are displayed outside the Shop. Inside the Ascension Island shop

Cedie and Sylvias shop on Ascension Island

Cedie and Sylvia Henry run the Richard James shop near to Long Beach, Georgetown. They provide a wide range of dry goods at competitive prices. Their shop is open every day from 8pm to 10pm.

The Exiles Building - Georgetown. Exiles Club, Georgetown Ascension Island

This historic building was once the Royal Marine Barracks and now houses a variety of shops on the lower floor.

Turtle Nest Gift Shop
On the lower floor of the Exiles building selling cards, gifts, jewellery and other novelty items.
The Rock Shop
Situated behind the Ascension Island Shop in Georgetown. Sells men's, women's and children's clothes of various styles and ranges.
Sue Ryder Boutique
A charity shop on the lower floor of the Exiles building, sells very good used clothing.
The RAF Welfare Shop
Situated close to the entrance of RAF Travellers Hill, sells sports equipment, video cassettes, postcards, clothing, souvenirs and operate a video rental library.
June's Gift Shop
Situated close to Two Boats club in Two Boats Village, stocks a variety of gifts, cards, wrappings etc. as well as a large selection of adults and children's clothing. Opening times are displayed outside.
Volcano Club Gift Shop
Situated between the Volcano Club bar and the Snack Bar, the Volcano Club Gift Shop offers a wide variety of gifts and a wide selection of T-shirts.


There are hairdresser salons at the American Base (Opposite the base security building) and at the RAF encampment at Travellers Hill offering a good range of hairstyles.
Videos are available to rent from the video library beside the Coffee Shop in Georgetown, which is open during normal Obsidian Group Limited Shop hours. There is also a video library at the Welfare Shop at RAF Travellers Hill, which is open 5.30-8.30pm daily (except Sunday). Both video libraries rent videos at very reasonable prices.
Book Libraries
Georgetown Library (behind the Post Office) is open to all. Times of opening are displayed outside. There is also an Ascension Island bookshop at Two Boats School. The bookshop sells a wide variety of books and a good selection of stationery, etc.
UK Magazines & Newspapers
The RAF flies these in on the regular Tristar flights and they are obviously a little out of date by the time they arrive. They are available at Solomon's Shop in Georgetown.

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